We are very pleased to announce that the gallery now represents Nancy Constandelia.


Deb Mansfield and Nancy Constandelia are both featured in the current issue of Art Collector magazine. Deb Mansfield’s solo exhibition The Last Vestiges of Instinct is included as a highlight exhibition of 2017.


Philjames is in the group exhibition Blank Spaces for the Imagination, at Bondi Pavilion Gallery. A Waverley Artist Studios Project featuring Maz Dixon, Philjames, Kate Mitchell, Adam Norton and Sean Rafferty, Blank Spaces for the Imagination presents the work of artists who explore, map or chart unrealised spaces as a means of altering our perception of the world. Until 18 February.


Rochelle Haley is in the group exhibition Documents, Alternatives #2. Curated by Angela Bartram, the exhibition is a (re-)staging of ephemeral artworks that is in ‘motion’ and responsive to intent. The exhibition foregrounds fluidity and diversity of translation and includes multiple art voices and modes of output including video, holography, text, painting, print and sound. Until 24 February.


Vicky Browne is in the group exhibition Material Sound at Murray Art Museum Albury. Curated by Caleb Kelly, Material Sound features newly commissioned work by Vicky Browne, Pia van Gelder, Caitlin Franzmann, Peter Blamey, Ross Manning, and Eric Demetriou. The artists in Material Sound challenge the stability of materials in their practice. Handmade instruments and electronics, recycled electronic components, outmoded technologies, fake technologies, imagined sounds and silences will form a series of dynamic installations that challenge the way we think about materiality in a cumulative sound experience. Until 29 April.


Hayley Megan French is in the group exhibition, Landing Points, at Penrith Regional Gallery. The ten artists in the exhibition look to Tracey Moffatt’s series Up in the Sky (1997) as a starting point in consideration of the last 20 years of race, place and identity in Australia. Hayley has also co-curated this exhibition with Lee Anne Hall, Director, Penrith Regional Gallery. Until 4 March.


Vivian Cooper Smith is in the group exhibition Imagine, the inaugural exhibition of the new Gippsland Art Gallery in Victoria, featuring 134 works from 81 local, national, and international artists. Until 18 March.


Todd Robinson’s balloon series Oooh Aaah (2016) from the group exhibition Soft Core, is now on view at Shepparton Art Museum. Soft Core is an exhibition curated by Micheal Do, in conjunction with Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and toured by Museums & Galleries of NSW. Until 18 March.


Elvis Richardson’s collaborative series with Virginia Fraser, FEMMO, features in Unfinished Business: Perspectives on art and feminism, at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Until 25 March.