21 September – 16 October 2016

Samuel Quinteros

Blind Force of Creation

In Blind Force of Creation Samuel Quinteros presents a suite of 12 new paintings based on motifs inspired by various traditions that transmit a spiritual view of art – from the Edenic hallucinations of Hieronymus Bosch to the cosmogenic landscapes of Guo Xi, as well as other sources. Blind Force of Creation originates in an attempt to render visible a sense of primordial wholeness – an attraction towards which can be equated an overall sensibility called the archaic revival – a dive into the deep imagination, the fount of self-overcoming. The theatricality of Quinteros’ opalescent dreamscapes is not conveyed by a narrative but through the interplay of dualities within the motifs themselves: solidity brushes with ethereality, gardens consist of rocks against waters, and are inhabited by overripe vegetation whose call for redemption is answered by the undominated children of creation. Produced across the span of two nascent springtimes within the current year, first in Japan and later in the artist’s Katoomba studio, this new body of work takes as its emblem the energy of a world in transformation – the blind force of creation.

“Thus all creation gives thanks,

all that here blooms and soon fades,

now that nature, absolved from sin,

today gains its day of innocence.” 

  • Gurnemanz in Act III of Richard Wagner’s Parsifal.

Photos: Docqment