21 April – 23 May 2021

Jesse Hogan

Floor Talks & Installs, ‘entries & exit points’, New works (20 / 21)

‘entries & exit points’ (20/21) is a new series of paintings that follow on from Hogan’s previous series ‘Floor Talks & Installs’ 2009 – 2016. These photorealistic oil paintings depict documented images of installations and art objects previously created by other artists, galleries, and cultural institutions. ‘entries & exit points’ questions the status of painting within contemporary art discourse, especially in relation to conceptual art, new media, and site-specific performance. Situating painting and installation as a series of mediated images detached from their physical materiality, Hogan reflects on the current nature of authorship, reproduction and archiving within contemporary art.

Jesse Hogan Ph.D. completed a Doctoral Degree in Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts (2020), a Masters of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts (2017), A Masters of Art Education at the University of Western Sydney (2009), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at the Sydney College of the Arts (2005). He is currently working on paintings as well as several curatorial and publication projects with Japanese and Australian contemporary artists. Recent solo exhibitions include: _unknowns, Midori. So Gallery, Tokyo (2019), Collective Objects, Choice is Yours, Morioka (2019), Disorder and Minimal Aesthetics, Alaska Projects, Sydney (2018), Social Concrete, Wieden + Kennedy, Tokyo (2018), The Continuous Hassle of Disbelief, Yuga Gallery, Tokyo (2017), Fields & Regions, Turner Gallery, Tokyo (2014), and Floor Talks, First Draft, Sydney (2012).