15 February – 12 March 2017

Chris Dolman

Good Grief! and other Calamities

Someone is moving house; Chewing gum sticks to the bottom of a shoe; A fight breaks out; “Excuse me waiter, there’s an eye in my soup!”; on the 9th tee, dead drunk, he made a ‘hole in one’; as the smoke from the cigarette becomes a cloud drifting out over her window sill garden. 

Chris Dolman’s solo exhibition Good Grief! and other Calamities, sees the artist continue on his tragicomic search for self with a new series of paintings and ceramic objects. Taking on elements from the comic grotesque, using slapstick and self-deprecating humour, Dolman creates absurd yet poetic narrative moments within the mundane situations of daily life. Blurring memories of real events with invented scenarios, the exhibition takes a light-hearted look at grief, anxiety and the accidents just waiting to happen to us all…Be careful not to trip on your way out.