17 April – 12 May 2019

Scott Gardiner

In and out of breath

Scott Gardiner’s practice has consistently been engaged with strategies that exploit the traditional dialogue between realism, landscape and abstraction. Characteristically involving the examination of force, light and an intensely personal relationship with the ocean, his paintings are a distillation of the ephemeral qualities of light and motion on water.

This new body of work sees Gardiner’s focus shift from the ocean’s depths to the boundaries between land and sea, like ragged lines on a map, distinguishing one world from another. This transition manifests in a series of abstract collage paintings and representational ocean-scapes seemingly rescued from beneath an archaeology of layers. The illusion of depth is contrasted by an exaggerated flatness; a comfort, safety and familiarity with the ocean, set against a backdrop of isolation and alienation.

In and out of breath was born out of both fear and discovery. It traces a line between safety and anxiety. For Gardiner, making art is a lonely and tumultuous process, akin to crossing a  threshold into the unknown, with the violent act of tearing or destroying resulting in something new and beautiful.