4 September – 29 September 2019

Rochelle Haley


Interval is a series of new abstract works by Rochelle Haley exploring the tension between concrete form and the pull of movement. The works comprising acrylic, dye and resin are made with an innovative technique of layering translucent and opaque pigments, building the illusion of represented depth into a material thickness.

The paintings evoke a space of time between events or states, a difference in pitch between two tones, a space between two things, a pause between movements. The shallow depth of the painting surface contributes a substantially different element of spatiality to other traditional pictorial approaches – including linear perspective, relative scale of form, and contrast in colour saturation – and interacts with the formal compositional structure of the overall work. By transforming the surface of the abstract painting into a dimensional realm, Interval is able to suggest movement and depth beyond the flat picture plane.

Installation images by Docqment

Artwork images by Document Photography