14 October – 15 November 2015

Ron Adams

Late Heavy Bombardment

The title of the exhibition, Late Heavy Bombardment, makes reference to Earth’s early geological formation when the planet was struck by a succession of massive meteors. And although it wrought great destruction, some scientists believe this moment contained the crucial seeds of early life. The artist wants us to see this as a metaphor for life’s great challenges, and the grains of wisdom they bring. 

This new body of work continues a roving juxtaposing of hard edge painting, text work and animation, all playfully amplified with a color field palette. The works are to be read as a reaction to or anecdotes of past influences and interests of the artist. The works are like pages of an autobiographical narrative or account.

These continual seismic shifts churn away in all our histories and yet we remain. From all the background noise these paintings distill the essentials – love of the arts, science, existence, but greatest of all, love itself.

Photos: Docqment