5 February – 1 March 2020

Luke Pither

Paintings for Marjory

Paintings for Marjory is a new body of paintings exploring both anomaly and biography. Equally optic as subject in its inquiry the body of work is a pondering of forgotten processes, leftovers, nuances and visual hierarchies of order that contribute to our unique individual perspectives as we consider a life lived. As optical histories overtake sensations of experiential understanding, categories of humility, humour, trauma and curiosity interplay equally across a playful visual homage.

The project commenced from extensive analysis into how life’s sequences are chaptered and recorded corresponding to broad themes and specific patterns, as well as the roles of disturbance and interference. Deconstructed versions of landscape and still life jostle graphically against abstracted elements of a world of glimpses and narrative considerations. Gesture, underpaintings, vague sketches, forgotten segues and pictorial differences collide awkwardly with varying colour palettes. Motif, style and suggestion are rendered, reflected and repurposed, creating a fragile portrait of potential history.

Photos by Jessica Maurer