7 March – 1 April 2018

Ron Adams


Eclectic is the primary word that describes this new series, in its definition of ideas and style that come from a broad and diverse range of sources. Also in its use to describe a class of ancient philosophers who worked with doctrines from various schools of thought. My interest lies in everything and everyone as a collective, rather than in a single style or idea. I subscribe to the Theory of Everything (ToE), and from this comes a body of work that reflects my continued regard for Animated Abstraction, Architecture, Colour, Design, Music, Pop, Psychology, Science and Text.

But most importantly, influence! Everything we read, watch or listen to inspires and forms influence. Two works in the exhibition are digital photo collages. Man of the year Homage to Barney (6) and Woman of the year Homage to Polly (7). These people have influenced me enormously!

Homage to Barney: Barney JC is a member of the British pop band Autoheart. I have been collaborating with the band for the past few years and, as they said to me recently, I am what the band looks like, imagery as music! There’s a lot of Autoheart in this work, from image to text and titles.

Homage to Polly: When I first met Polly she reminded me of my Grandmother, Bonnie, a wonderful redhead who had lots of glamour and style, an enormous talent. They are just like each other, and I have been influenced by them both! A woman who inspired me for 51 years and who lived for 96 years! I saw her in another woman in half an hour!

Possible Buildings from Words (4 & 5): These paintings are a continuing body of work that uses words or singular letters to form architectural plans for possible structures.

Any Colour You Are (1): These star paintings that have a various number of points and colours are another continuing part of my practice. The works are about difference and individuality – it doesn’t matter what colour you are or how many points you have as an individual, we are all the same!

The Space Age Geometric Pop Machine Robots (8 – 12): These Abstract Animated works are pure science fiction. They are simply the use of geometry, colour, and form to imagine a possible history in a different time and space, whether it’s the past or the future or any other dimension.