14 November – 9 December 2018

Polly Borland
Matthew Harris
Drew Connor Holland
Laura Moore
Nova Milne
Emily Parsons-Lord
Phil James
Kenny Pittock

Curated by
George Adams

Possible Dream Theory #2 - group exhibition

Curated by George Adams

‘What happens when art and dreams collide? Galerie pompom director George Adams has curated the work of eight diverse artists for Possible Dream Theory #2, which will see the seemingly random morph into a vivid dreamscape and prompt us to question reality and fiction. Subconscious and the preconscious are on the table revealing what dreams mean to different artists while examining the art cannons they are created within. Studying the post-human body or personal ambition through the intimate gallery space, Possible Dream Theory #2 offers insight into the essence of humanness.’ Excerpt from Emma-Kate Wilson’s preview in Art Almanac, November 2018, pp.28-29

Photos: Docqment