27 September – 22 October 2017

Nancy Constandelia

The Deep Empty

“I did not like the nothing, and it is thus that I met the empty, the deep empty, the depth of the blue.”  Yves Klein

The Deep Empty is a suite of monochrome works informed by Nancy Constandelia’s interest in the purity of colour and light. At first glance, these works seem to have a digital quality about them but upon closer inspection, there is evidence of brushstrokes and the artist’s hand. Constandelia has created atmospheric gradients of tone which have resulted in monochromatic, minimal compositions of saturated chroma and depth. With this restriction on colour and form, her reductive works allow the viewer to enter a non-linguistic space beyond our everyday senses. These monochromes seem to invite stillness and rumination. Inspired by Yves Klein, Constandelia has chosen the colour blue for its subliminal power and its ability to provide the viewer with a rarefied, sensorial experience.

Photos: Docqment